Contract Management

Manage contracts, deadline monitoring, cost transparency, employee assignment, contract types and much more.

Training planner

Determination of employee qualifications, training needs, training planning, requirement profiles, safety instruction, effectiveness control and much more.

Target and project management

Target agreements, project management (APQP, KVP), deadline monitoring, key figures, with integrated idea management and much more.

Calculation software

Surcharge calculation, contribution margin calculation, process costs, offer overview, cost optimization, picture gallery, various production processes and much more.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance plans, deadline monitoring, fault recording, curriculum vitae, cost determination and much more.

Tool Management

Tool master card, curriculum vitae, cost calculation, maintenance and inspection plans, work planning, KVP and much more.

Error and complaint management

Error recording, error evaluation, 8D report, preventive and corrective actions, effectiveness control, CIP, reports, deadline monitoring, with integrated FMEA module and much more.

Initial sample test report

Creation of the initial sample test report according to VDA 6.2 and PPAP (fourth edition), with re-qualification test, QDAS interface, recording of measured values via interface, individual rights management, etc.


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