tool management / tool maintenance

WEMA – Tool management, tool maintenance supports the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16 949.

WEMA is an easy-to-use database that we developed in cooperation with toolmaking experts and the IFU Institute and which has been used by numerous companies for many years.

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WEMA offers the following functions:

  • Documentation of relevant tool master data (with image gallery),
  • complete “curriculum vitae” of tool-related events and work performed,
  • Recording and reporting faults with solution tips,
  • Recording with evaluation of the costs for tool production, maintenance, repair and optimisation,
  • Tool costing (preliminary and final costing),
  • Documentation of the tool-related setup order,
  • Display of tool availability (status message),
  • Recording of important wearing parts with ordering information, target and actual stock quantity,
  • Creation of individual performance reports for tools and activities,
  • Work planning via tool repairs.
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A clearly arranged main menu allows quick access to the individual modules. In the right field of the mask the “Inspection ticker” shows the due dates.

At the push of a button, a list of all tools recorded is created. The availability and the still possible strokes until the next maintenance are displayed.

In addition to the tool master data, the assigned machines and the material dimensions are visible, as well as the availability of the tool.

For each tool the total accrued costs can be determined and the life cycle (history) can be documented. For the purpose of an exact tool calculation, the expenditure can be shown in change, maintenance and optimization costs.

In the set-up order, detailed information for various settings can be noted for the machine setter.

The tool costs recorded in the preliminary costing are compared with the actual costs actually recorded.

All service entry data that you have defined as “new production” is listed in the final costing, sorted. On the right-hand side, you can see the overall costing and the contribution margin achieved.

For each employee and external company, an activity and cost analysis can be filtered to show which activities were performed on which tool (cost object).

In the “race list”, the calculated maintenance costs can be directly compared with the actual costs actually incurred within a period (costs/1000 hub).

The order list contains all planned and “in progress” inspection and repair orders.


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