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With a integrated messaging system, documents can be sent directly to the user in a flash.

The company goals, target agreements and projects with the relevant process key figures and trends can be displayed in the cockpit.

Clicking on the selected company target (here production targets) opens the document “Production targets” and shows the exact formulation of the target (see following figure). Target agreements and projects derived from company targets can be assigned to their “Overall target” (here production targets) and made visible.

The corporate goals (here production) can be viewed by all “read-only” users at any time. Windows objects (e.g. Excel tables, graphics, etc.) can be directly linked to the corporate goal.

The entry mask of a target agreement shows the assignment in the target system
– the responsible names of the persons responsible for the target system
– the dates and the quantification. Important target agreements can be assigned to one of the cockpits and displayed there. With the “ traffic light” bottlenecks can be signaled!

control and implementation dates are displayed in the appointment calendar.

Projects are displayed as a list of measures (steps) and graphically as a “timeline” In each project step, additional documents (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, protocols, etc.) can be linked News or changes to individual project steps can be sent to the local network at lightning speed using the company’s own messaging system.

Optionally, an idea management system can be activated in PeopleNet This module consists of: – Idea capture
– Evaluation
– Idea evaluation
– Time and action plan (project management) Integrated is a reporting on the idea success record

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PeopleNet with integrated idea management
All employees can use the “IDEENmanagement” to quickly contribute ideas that are suitable for this purpose: </to enable more efficient and effective organizational processes,

ul>>li>to make production processes more economical,

>li>to avoid waste,

>li>to achieve cost savings,

>li>to sustainably increase competitiveness …

The network-compatible program IDEAS Management can be networked with all PCs in your company.

Below you will find more information about the program IDEENmanagement.
To see the masks in full screen, please click on the corresponding image.

The program IDEAS Management consists of the following modules
– Ideas capture
– Review
– Idea evaluation
– Time and action planning. With our own messaging system, the aforementioned work steps can be sent to other interested users (experts, plant managers, management) in a flash, with integrated reporting on the success of the ideas and project management, with which the complete implementation of the individual ideas can be tracked to their final realization.

In the screen Expertises, the valuation by the expert(s) is documented. Additional documents (e.g. external appraisals, WEB addresses) can be linked directly.

In the final report the idea is evaluated in summary. The economic advantages and the investment costs, if any, are entered in provided masks.

The implementation of the idea can be planned and controlled with the integrated project planner.

Offprint from the magazine Quality Engineering on the subject
“Successful management through “leading with target agreements”.

All ideas entered and processed are displayed in the report at the push of a button and can be filtered according to specific criteria.
A data export to Excel is possible.


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