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INSTA – maintenance software and maintenance planner

protects against production downtimes and supports the requirements of the QM systems according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

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Here you can read a user report about INSTA written by the specialist publisher Möller.

INSTA offers the following functions: </Display of inspection and maintenance dates In the history, machine maintenance and repairs carried out are completely documented. and maintenance plans

  • Fault recording and fault processing with solution notes
  • automatic fault reporting (optionally by e-mail)
  • Information about non-availability due to machine failures
  • Information about machine manufacturers, Suppliers and their service points
  • Capture and management of the relevant spare parts with inventory management
  • Work planning with simple order creation
  • Maintenance cost and downtime determination (MTBF / MTTR) for all equipment


A structured main menu allows quick access to the individual modules and master data.

Similar to the Windows Explorer, all recorded resources can be clearly displayed.

Essential characteristics and the availability of the equipment (here a 200 ton press”) are displayed here. On further tabs, important information can be stored, e.g. about the associated auxiliary units and spare parts (storage location, quantity, supplier, etc.) as well as detailed information on maintenance planning and inspections.

The time and costs incurred for the operating resources by own employees or by external companies can be recorded and evaluated.

Important information on the individual suppliers (e.g. machine suppliers) or service providers (e.g. repairers) can be recorded. The various contact persons (e.g. the names and telephone numbers of the fitters), the operating equipment and spare parts delivered so far can be stored.

Occurring malfunctions can be recorded, so that other departments can also receive fast and detailed information about the malfunctions that have occurred.

Directly at the start of the program, any backlog of planned maintenance and inspections is displayed.

The recorded maintenance costs for new products, maintenance work and optimisation expenditure can be determined and displayed for selected periods of time.

This list shows all work orders including status. The orders can either be newly created by clicking on the “Order processing” button or automatically by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the fault processing, maintenance plan and during the check in the equipment master.



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